character containers

$3.00 - $7.00
character containers

use these for consumable goods (everything except E, F, G, H, I, Q, R, S are food grade as they were original used for mints!) or earplugs, etc.

A, B, C: sanrio candy tins from the 2010s

E: packaging from flake stickers of a dog, i think late 00s. THIS DOES NOT CLOSE ALL THE WAY, it is closer to a candy dish.,YOU CANNOT DROP THIS IN YOUR PURSE!!

F, G, H, I: these are perfect for earplugs imo. the ballchain isnt 100% secure so maybe keep it on the inside of your purse; you can put a keychain on it to make it easier to fish around for.. it was originally filled with stickers

D, J, K, L, M, N: katoken tins from the 2010s (i think.. there is no date but when I went to the tokyo skytree katoken store last year the tins were all quite large and sturdy and these are smaller and less sturdy which is how i deduced this)

O, P: (1997) its supposed to be for bento. i thought it was a strawberry but now i think its a tomato he is holding. its food safe so you can put medicine etc. inside .. about 1" diameter

Q, R: sanrio tins used for stickers originally

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