tonkatsu DJ agetaro goods

$4.00 - $7.00
tonkatsu DJ agetaro goods

if you havent watched this show, its very cute.. i watched it when it aired i loved it. its about a guy who pursues a love for DJing while helping out at the family tonkatsu spot. in each episode he becomes more skilled at both goals and draws comparisons between the two and never compromises his own passion to satisfy his parents. he is the most 25 year old guy ever (i'm not sure of his age)

A-F: firm plastic coasters (not rubber)

G-J: rubber keychains (huge, impractical size. better for decoration)

K: passcase for tapping type metrocard with lanyard

L: chopsticks pen with paper

the last image is file folders big enough for printer paper

video games sanrio and more fashion music animation and comics

••• good luck have fun •••